Certified quality

Over the years, MATEC has always bet on quality, by obtaining the ISO 9001-2006 RINA and IQNET certifications, which show the quality of a cutting edge production cycle. All the processes, from the offer to manufacturing, welding included, are certified to guarantee quality above normal standards.
Certifications include:
Anti-seismic certifications for silo decanters;
– Certifications for pistons which are tested with a 2:1 safety coefficient ( pistons which work at 350 bar=5000 psi are tested and certified to work safely at 700 bar=10000psi);
– Certified welding;
– High-resistance certified steels;
– Electrical panels and components certified by CE, UL/CSA, MSHA, NEMA

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Certificato IQNET
Certificato RINA