Filter Press

Particolare di filtropressa

What is the filter press

The Filter Press is a simple machine which separates the solid contained in a watery mixture from the water, in order to recover the water itself and reuse it in any production cycle.
The filter press produces also dry cakes easy to be disposed of. The simplicity of the machine guarantees high-efficiency and reliability.
Matec company is specialized in the manufacturing of filter press, that is why we can offer machines which feature the best quality/price ratio.

The secret of Matec Filter Press

What most of competitors are unable to offer their customers and the main ingredient of the success of Matec filter press is the high pressure technology.
Having developed great experience by working in the aggregates and clay sectors, which present some of the most difficult slurries to treat and require high pressure to obtain great results, Matec can state our filter press will handle any slurry in any sector.

Our pressures (16 to 21 bar) can’t be matched by anybody, because they need better quality, better design and better components.

The filtration process

How does the filter press carry out the filtration process? The feeding pump injects the slurry into the filter press from the feeding head.
The chambers created by the plates are filled up with the slurry, the cloth (specifically developed for each material) and the high pressure dry the cakes, faster and better.

The clean water is discharged into drainage gutters, ready to be reused, and the cakes can now be disposed of easily.

Why a filter press

A filter press is the best way to solve your waste water problems, and by installing a MATEC one you will be able to SAVE MONEY and MAXIMIZE THE RETURNS – because our machines use NO PEOPLE and NO FLOCCULANT.

TT2 Fast

Filters with 50 or more plates include the TT2Fast model (fast opening):

The TT2fast opening can discharge the cakes for 100 plates in less than 2 minutes
and for 150 plates in less than 3.5 minutes

TT2 fast opening


  • 100% made in italy
  • HPT (high pressure technology) to work at more than 20 BAR
  • Gasser shakers for discharging the cakes perfectly
  • Real automatic washing for a complete washing
  • Filter cloths attached with strips and rubber connection for an easy replacement
  • Open filtrate design allows a simple and rapid identification of bad filter cloths
  • Allen bradley plc with remote monitoring and assistance
  • Number of installed plates can be up to 150 in all presses
  • More than 15 models for the best economical/technical solutions

high pressure technology